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If you're in the market for dog agility training essentials, we have what you're looking for. Active Dogs' wide assortment of dog agility equipment includes clothing, accessories, and training gear. From single agility tunnels, training hurdles and dog agility weave poles to entire dog agility sets, we have options to suit just about any dog. Browse our selection of agility dog training course accessories and order yours today. If you'd like more information about any of our products or have questions, contact us.

Our team is here to help with providing all the necessary supplies. We offer a variety of dog agility equipment, clothing, accessories, and training gear, meaning we have everything you need to get your dog in top shape. From single tunnels and hurdles to entire agility equipment sets, we have a wide range of options to suit just about any dog. Browse our selection of dog training accessories and order yours today! Check out our specific products for more details, and remember to contact us if you would like more information!

Dog Agility Equipment, Explained

Owning a dog is full of possibilities, and there are so many ways to spend quality time with your pup and make the most out of dog ownership. If you're an active individual who loves spending time outdoors and you own a breed of dog that's energetic and smart, you should consider including some dog agility equipment in your training and exercise routine with your pup.

You may not know where to start if you've never considered using dog agility training equipment with your pet before. There are so many different types of agility toys for dogs that can boost your dog's physical health, increase their cognitive function, and help them learn useful new skills. But with a little insight into the basics of this equipment, it's easy to find the best pet agility equipment to suit your dog's needs, size, and ability level.

Ready to get started? Here are a few of the most common types of dog agility training equipment on the market and how they're used to boost your dog's athletic abilities, encourage positive training experiences, and allow you both to have fun throughout the process.

Tug Toys

Tug toys are some of the best agility toys for dogs if you're looking to start exploring dog agility equipment. Tug toys are small and affordable, come in a huge variety of styles, colors, and sizes, and provide hours of fun and enrichment for dogs of just about any age, size, or ability level.

Tug toys are exactly what they sound like: small, handheld toys designed for your dog to tug on with their teeth. They are a great way for dogs to channel their prey instincts in a safe and healthy way. Also, a game of tug helps you and your pet to form a closer bond with one another, and it's an easy and fun way to get your dog's energy out apart from daily walks.

Some tug toys even come with squeakers inside to make the game even more rewarding and exciting for the dog's prey instincts. Depending on your grip preferences, you can choose a tug toy with handles on both sides or handles on a single side. Just make sure the tug toy you choose is appropriate for your dog's size and breed, as some dog breeds are tougher chewers than others and may wear out the toy more quickly.


Tunnels are a popular form of dog agility equipment that teaches dogs of all sizes and breeds how to face specific types of obstacles. Tunnels can come in a variety of sizes, but they are generally between 18 and 25 feet long. You'll need to make sure you opt for a tunnel that is the proper width for your dog to run through with ease.

The purpose of the tunnel as a piece of agility training dog equipment is to teach your dog to run from one end of the tunnel through to the other as quickly as possible, receiving a reward when they reach the other side. This helps your dog learn how to use speed as an advantage as well as greater balance skills, as tunnels are agility equipment generally made of collapsible material that may not be completely firm under foot when extended.

Collapsible tunnels always come with a carrying case so that you can take them to the dog park or anywhere else you'll be practicing your agility training. This piece of pet agility equipment is designed to be portable and lightweight, with even heavy-duty models being relatively easy to collapse, transport from place to place, or store safely at home.


Jumps are a great addition to any agility course, as they help to teach your dog a specific athletic skill while also serving as one of the best forms of exercise for your pup. A piece of dog agility course equipment made for jumping typically includes a set of thin poles that can be raised to different heights on their bases, depending on your dog's ability.

With a jumping kit, you can teach your dog to do a single jump, take a running leap, or even learn to clear the bar from different angles. One of the best features of jumping dog agility equipment is how scalable it is. You can start with the bar low to the ground to get your dog used to the movement and gradually increase its height to keep your dog feeling challenged.

This also means that you'll get many opportunities to reward your dog for mastering a new skill, building your bond and increasing your pup's confidence in the process.

Weave Poles

If you've been practicing agility training for a while and want to find a new challenge, weave poles are a great way to do so. Weave poles are made of a solid base with PVC pipes inserted upwards along the base at equal intervals, and your dog will slowly learn to weave through the poles from one end to the other.

Over time, the goal is for your dog to be able to weave through the poles as quickly as possible. This is an advanced agility skill that will give your dog something to work toward slowly, with plenty of opportunities for treats along the way as they gradually increase their speed.


Similar to the type of child's play equipment you might see at a park, seesaws are a common piece of agility training equipment dogs use to improve their speed, eye coordination, and balance.

Unlike other types of agility dog course equipment, seesaws are unstable surfaces that require careful balancing and intentional movements from your dog, which will teach them an elevated level of body awareness and require lots of concentration.

Seesaws are an excellent way to teach your dog how to balance patience and intentional movement with speed and agility. Each seesaw product comes with the plank itself as well as a base, and you can always switch out your plank for a wider or longer version if you'd like to make the skill easier for your dog to learn or to challenge them further.


What Is Dog Agility Equipment?

Dog agility equipment is a type of toy designed for dogs to learn and practice agility and other athletic skills, such as speed, balance, and eye coordination. Some examples of dog agility training equipment include tug toys, tunnels, jumps, weave poles, and seesaws.

Do I Need Special Dog Agility Equipment?

All types of dog agility equipment can be purchased by anyone for any dog, no matter the breed, age, or ability level of your dog. If you want to try more advanced types of equipment to test your dog's agility and teach him new skills, you can ask a trainer what they recommend. However, professional dog agility equipment is not strictly necessary to teach your dog new skills or give them exercise.

How Do I Know What Type of Agility Equipment to Get for My Dog?

The best way to start agility training with your dog is to choose simple pieces of equipment, such as tug toys or tunnels, that most dogs can understand relatively quickly. If simple agility training is easy for your dog and they lose interest, continue to try more challenging agility courses, like weave poles, seesaws, or jumps.

Is Dog Agility Equipment Safe?

Yes! Agility dog training equipment is designed to be used by dogs, which means their safety is at the forefront of each item's design. However, it's important to judge your pet's comfort level and behavior around a piece of agility equipment for dogs, as they will have their own safety in mind when approaching the item.

When using items that involve jumping or being high up in the air, such as jumps or seesaws, it's always best to use caution during your training sessions to avoid injury.



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