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Dog Trainer & Handler Clothing

For service dog owners we offer a wide variety of breed specific jackets and hoodies with soft shells. Stylish and comfortable they are the perfect fashion statement. Please browse our site for many more service and therapy dog products, and contact us with any questions. 

Here at Active Dogs, in addition to providing supplies and products for our four-legged friends, we provide gear for their owners as well.

For owners of service and therapy dogs, we offer breed-specific jackets and hoodies with soft shells or in a Letterman style. Stylish and comfortable they are the perfect fashion statement and come customized at a reasonable cost. We also offer embroidered and Letterman hoodies and fleece jackets that are breed-specific or custom made for owners of therapy dogs.

If you're interested in lighter fare, look no further than our short-sleeved shirts. In a polo or more casual tee style, they're perfect to wear for a quick walk or during a training activity with your canine companion. We also offer embroidered fleece beanie hats and even a backpack with an embroidered dog portrait. A perfect gift for your favorite dog owner.