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The Standard Tire Jump is part of the Premium Series line of agility equipment.  The design provides stability and ease of function with the A-frame leg bases and easy to see labeled height adjustments.  The stabilized leg A-frame bases are assembled and glued. 
This tire jump is very simple to use with the altering height adjustments.  You simply move the hook to the coordinated height number.  This will give you the distance that the tire is spaced off the ground. The tire is covered in outdoor fabric.  No tire ridges to catch the dogs toe nails.  There is NO TAPE on this tire.  The tire has attractive yellow top and bottom center sleeve pads.  This makes a distinction showing the dog the center of the jump and the bright color shows the difference.  These two attractive sleeve covers are removable and washable. This tire does not breakaway.  The tire sides have adjustable tethering straps.
Our Standard Tire Jump is made from the highest-grade colored PVC.  It is the most attractive, durable and long-lasting furniture PVC on the market.  This Furniture Grade PVC is ultraviolet (UV) and corrosion resistant and infused with modifiers that allow extra load onto the pipe.  This Tire Jump frame will not yellow and bend in the outdoor sun light. The fittings are also the same quality grade PVC that have tapered edges for smooth edge transition.  There are no sharp corners and the fittings fit snuggly secure. This is a considerably more expensive PVC than what can be purchased at the local hardware store but the beauty, longevity and strength are well worth is.
The Standard Tire Jump is AKC competition size.  The tire has a 24” center opening, there are 6 height adjustments from 4” to 24”, and there is 8” between frame and tire. Easy to follow directions are included. The tire jump bottom leg A-frames are glued for easy assembly.  The tire is fully assembled and shipped assembled.  The Standard Tire Jump and Tire Ring are blue with yellow highlights. It can be used indoors or outdoors. 
Made in the USA.
Oversized shipping rates apply, item ships in 2 boxes
• Stabilized A-frame Leg Bases, Fully Assembled
• Colored UV Corrosion Resistant PVC
• Covered Tire, NO TAPE, Fully Assembled 
• Padded Tire Center Points
• Adjustable Tethering Straps
• Easy to Adjust Tire Heights
• Easy to Read Number Heights
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Tire Jump
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