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All aluminum 12” wide plank for a See-Saw Teeter base.  Aluminum planks are excellent as they are lightweight, are a no-rust material, durable and do not conduct the heat for the dog’s feet. The aluminum plank is made of all welded construction and welded base frame.  It is very sturdy and strong. The beauty of this design is it breaks down in three parts for easy storage and cost-effective shipping, NO oversized shipping required. It can be transported from location to location easily.

The surface is non-slip yellow and blue with 42” yellow contact zones at each end.  The underside of this plank has rubber feet at each end.  This will help to absorb the shock when the plank comes down and you are working on hard surfaces such as indoor floors. This plank can be used indoors or outdoors.

The Aluminum Plank meets competition standards.  The dimensions are 12’ long, 12” wide, 42” yellow contact zones on each end, off set mounting bracket so the teeter will reset itself.  

The aluminum plank comes with the mounting bracket that will work on either of the PVC See-Saw Teeter Bases (350606 or 350780).  This aluminum plank can also work on various applications of a teeter base that have pipe dimensions not larger than 1.5”.

*Base NOT Included - sold separately*


Competition Standards

12’ long, 12” wide

42” Yellow Contact End Zones

Non-Slip Top Surface

All Welded Aluminum Construction

Strong, Lightweight, No-Rust

Easy Breakdown for Storage & Shipping

Agility Aluminum Plank Video

Description: Woman trains a german shepperd by commanding him to cross the teeter plank.
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