5 finger sheepskin Bite Tug
5 finger sheepskin Bite Tug
Prey Tug
Real Sheepskin Prey Tug
5 Finger Prey  Bite Tug
5 Finger  Sheepskin Tug

5 Finger Sheepskin Tug

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Real Sheepskin Tug that will excite any dog. The handle is constructed from heavy duty cotton webbing. Attached to that, are 5 bound tails of real sheepskin. Each tail is looped around a large O-ring, so they freely twist and turn.

Can be used for agility, fly ball, and prey build training

Drag it in front of a puppy and entice them to follow your lead

Tugs are not chew toys, they are interactive training aids. Tug toys are excellent for a rewarding game of tug. Do not allow your dog to chew on the tug or keep the tug after the interaction has finished.

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