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Top Quality Dog Training Supplies

Active Dogs is your one stop location for everything relating to man's best friend. We carry everything from gear for military and police dogs, to guides and materials for training your first family pet, and our customer service can't be beat!

Located in North Wisconsin, we specialize in high end, high quality products made with quality, lasting materials, some of which are manufactured on site in our own factories. In addition to customized products for specific breeds, we provide vests and equipment for service dogs, ensuring the process of training them will go smoothly.

 For police or military dogs, proper training goes hand in hand with proper protection for the handler. Here at Active Dog, we have all the necessary equipment to ensure your dog is trained properly, without any risk to his or her handler.

 To ensure a happy, healthy, lasting relationship with your dog proper obedience training is essential. At Active Dog, we also offer how-to guides on dog training along with instructional DVDs.

 Our goal at Active Dog is to provide everything needed to ensure a lasting, healthy, happy relationship with your canine companion. Please browse our product selection today, and feel free to contact us with any questions!