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Schutzhund Gear & IPO Training Equipment

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There are a variety of different ways to train your dog to perform specific tasks and showcase amazing feats of agility and strength. For many owners, simple agility equipment, like tubes and tug toys, are the perfect way to teach your dog new levels of athleticism, keep them healthy and fit with plenty of exercise, and even strengthen the bond you share. However, for some dogs, an elevated level of training is required to get them to even greater levels of skill and precision. One example is Schutzhund training, which focuses equally on obedience, intelligence, and protection. 


Schutzhund Training Equipment, Explained

Since Schutzhund dog training is a specific type of sport that dogs can participate in, interested owners will need certain pieces of Schutzhund gear in order to train their dog to the standard of the sport. With plenty of patience, and the proper Schutzhund gear designed to perfect key agility and strength skills, any and all dogs can participate in Schutzhund dog training.

Not sure where to start? Let’s look at some common Schutzhund gear below. 

Clatter Sticks

An important aspect of Schutzhund training is teaching the dog to remain on course despite any distractions that might crop up. This comes in handy for dogs that are training to be a part of a K9 unit, as they will need to be able to focus on the task at hand — no matter what noises or actions are going on around them. 

Clatter sticks are long, thin pieces of split bamboo with a comfortable grip on one side that are designed to clap against each other when used, creating a loud, distracting sound. You can use this piece of Schutzhund equipment to help your dog get accustomed to noisy distractions and increase their ability to focus on a single task. 

Tracking Articles

Another important piece of Schutzhund gear is a tracking article, which typically come in sets of three or more. Tracking articles are created to help your dog learn how to search for a specific scent while out in the world and surrounded by a variety of different smells and sights. 

If you’re training your dog for a K9 unit or getting your pup ready to compete in a Schutzhund Trial, it’s essential to use tracking articles for training that are the proper size. They should be ¼” thick and measure 10cm x 2cm in length and width. You will also need one carpet, one leather, and one wood article to prepare your dog to pick up different types of scents in all conditions.

Ball Trees

When an owner is leading their dog through Schutzhund training, an important command to teach them is the “send out” command. This command focuses on directing your dog to a specific object that’s not on the ground, which is where the ball tree comes in. 

Ball trees are the perfect form of Schutzhund gear to practice the “send out” command with your dog. The ball will clearly represent the item they’re being sent to retrieve, and the fact that it’s off the ground and dangling in the air will help to activate their prey drive toward the object.

Hurdle Jumps

Much like any agility course, Schutzhund training emphasizes the dog’s ability to leap over obstacles when necessary. That’s why the hurdle jump is one of the most important tools in the list of dog sports gear. Just make sure that the hurdle jump you choose is at the proper height for Schutzhund training. 

Scaling Walls

Any Schutzhund-trained dog will need to learn how to scale a semi-vertical surface, and they can do so with an adjustable aluminum A-frame scaling wall that meets the sport’s requirements while also being lightweight and durable. This important piece of dog sport equipment allows your dog to learn the crucial Schutzhund skill of climbing at his or her own pace.  


What Is Schutzhund Dog Training?

Schutzhund dog training (sometimes referred to as Schutzen dog training) is a special type of high-level performance training for dogs that emphasizes the ability to protect, pick up scents, focus on singular tasks, and face a variety of obstacles with strength and courage. Dogs can compete in Schutzhund competitions, but this form of training is also often used to prepare dogs for work in law enforcement K9 units.

Why Do I Need Special Schutzhund Training Equipment?

The requirements for your dog to become an officially Schutzhund-trained dog are very specific. That’s why you need certain Schutzhund gear and supplies in order to begin training at home or in the field. A protection dog harness, as well as all of the right protection dog training equipment and dog protection gear, will be needed to properly complete Schutzhund training. 

How Do I Know What Type of Dog Sports Gear to Get for My Dog?

You can find information about specific requirements for Schutzhund training equipment by researching the United Schutzhund Clubs of America website or asking a representative from  ActiveDogs.  

Is Schutzhund Training Equipment Safe?

Schutzhund dog sport gear is designed with the safety of dogs in mind. However, more advanced physical skills, such as scaling walls, can be unsafe if used with inexperienced dogs. Use caution and gradually increase your dog’s comfort around these items over time.