Agility Dog Weaver Poles - 2 x 2 system ActiveDogs
2x2 metal weave pole system
dog agility weaver poles on ground
No slip surface weave poles
dog agility weaver poles on ground
dog agility weaver poles on ground
Agility 2x2 Weave Pole System
Agility 2x2 Weave Pole System
Agility 2x2 Weave Pole System

Agility 2x2 Weave Pole System

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The 2x2 Weave Pole System comes ready to set up and train with no tools required for assembly.

2x2 training is a great way to get a dog started in working through the weave poles.  This product number is for one base, two anchors, and two weave poles.  You can purchase multiple sets to achieve the desired number of weave poles you choose to train with. The base connectors are sold separately.

2x2 training is done by altering the angle and aligning the bases and poles in different positions, gradually positioning the bases with poles into a straight line.  Basic training directions come with this product.

The low-profile base is welded aluminum with a rubberized no-slip surface.  Aluminum is more rigid than steel, does not rust, and does not conduct the heat. A great safety feature for the dog’s paws.  Solid aluminum posts unscrew from the base making the base easy to store, transport, and cut down on shipping costs. 

The Agility 2x2 Weave Pole System comes with two heavy duty stakes.  They are far stronger than flimsy garden stakes. The Aluminum base has predrilled holes for the stake anchors.  If using the weave poles indoors we suggest sand bags.

The weave poles are 40” tall, tapeless and come in two colors, blue and yellow.  Each set comes with 1 blue and 1 yellow pole, for a total of 2 poles. The poles are made from the highest-grade colored PVC. It is the most attractive, durable and long-lasting furniture PVC on the market. This Furniture Grade PVC is ultraviolet (UV) and corrosion resistant and infused with modifiers so they will not deteriorate and bend in the outdoor sun light.  Made in the USA.


No Tools Required Assembly
Aluminum Welded Base-24” Spacing
Rubberized No-Slip Base Surface
2 Heavy Duty Stakes
2 Tapeless Furniture Grade PVC 40” Poles
Manufactured in the USA @
Assembly & Training Directions


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