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Service Dog Vests & Harnesses

If you’re in the market for service dog vests and harnesses or therapy dog vests and harnesses, you’ve come to the right place. Active Dogs is a leading manufacturer and supplier of vests, capes, harnesses and more for service dogs, therapy dogs, police dogs and military working dogs. Here, you’ll find a wide variety of styles, sizes(including XX-Small and X-Large) and designs. We even carry tactical and in-training vests. With over 65 different styles to choose from, you won’t have to look anywhere else! And if you need a service dog harness or therapy dog harness, we’ve got you covered there, too. Shop our selection of therapy and service dog vests and harnesses today. If you have any questions while you’re browsing, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re more than happy to help.

At Active Dogs, we are the leading designer and manufacturer of service dog vests, capes, and harnesses. With many styles, sizes, and designs, we have a variety of service and therapy dog vests to fit your needs. Our padded harness vest and S&R style vest are some of our more popular options, but we also carry a wide variety of other vests with over 65 different styles to choose from. We have you covered, from large dogs to small dogs. Many of our vests are available in mesh as well as reflective materials, allowing for maximum protection and visibility for your four-legged friend. If you are interested in a harness for your service dogs, we have both light and heavy-duty mobility harnesses in high-quality leather. We also feature a reflective standing handle harness, enabling unmatched visibility in the evenings.

Can Anyone Buy a Service Dog Vest?

Although anyone can buy a vest to make their pet look like a service animal, the vest does NOT grant any additioinal privileges to a an untrained dog. Some dog owners misuese these vests to misrepresent their untrained dog as a service animal. This is illegal and only a disabled handler that has a dog trained for a specific task can legally have a service dog.

Please browse through our vest and harness page to look at all our options, and contact us with any questions! If you need help with sizing, check out our helpful Measurement Chart for reference.

Service Dogs: A person must be legally disabled, and their dog must perform a task for them. The handler has public access rights with a Service Dog.  They are protected under Federal ADA Law, and are allowed access to public property with their Service Dog.
Therapy Dogs: A trained dog that meets the needs of others, such as visiting nursing homes, hospitals, schools, etc., while doing pet therapy work. The handlers do not have ADA public access rights with Therapy Dogs and must have permission from an establishment to enter.


The Benefits of a Service Dog Vest

There are many benefits that come with owning a service dog, and outfitting your service dog with the proper vest allows you to fully enjoy those benefits. Service dogs are allowed in all public places, even places where pets typically can’t enter, including schools, restaurants, shopping centers, hospitals, and movie theaters. 

As long as your dog is wearing their vest and clearly displaying their credentials, you won’t have any trouble visiting all of your desired destinations with the support of your trusted service animal by your side. 

Why should you opt for a custom service dog vest? A one-size-fits-all service vest for dogs might get the job done, but it can’t be denied that a fully customized service animal harness is the best choice for any service animal

Take a look at some of the specific benefits that a specially designed service dog vest could provide for you and your service dog. 

Improved Visibility and Identification 

The owners and managers of public establishments likely have several reasons why they might not allow dogs on the premises. In fact, there are sanitary and legal reasons why pets can’t be permitted in many public places, not to mention that improperly trained dogs can pose a risk to the people around them when they’re put in a new or uncomfortable situation. 

That’s why if your dog isn’t wearing a clearly displayed service dog harness with their credentials as a service, you may run into issues in public establishments, having to constantly explain why you need your dog by your side and risking being asked to leave. 

With a customized service dog vest that’s perfectly fitted to your dog and clearly shows that they are on the job with brightly colored stitching or patches, owners of public establishments will be able to see right away that your dog isn’t just a pet. 

Additionally, when people don’t understand that a dog they come across in public is a working service animal, they might try to pet or interact with your dog in a way that distracts your dog from his purpose or disrupts his training. In this situation, a well-fitting and clearly displayed harness for service dogs or a service-dog-in-training vest can help people in public places understand that your dog is working and shouldn’t be greeted.

Better Safety and Comfort for Your Dog

Your service dog’s primary job is to provide you with assistance during everyday tasks, but just as your safety is a priority to your dog, their safety should be a priority for you as well. 

Though service dogs are highly trained animals, they can still act impulsively when put into a scary or unfamiliar situation. The last thing you want is for your service dog to panic and break free of their poorly fitted service dog vest, which could put them in serious danger, depending on your surroundings.

A custom-fitted dog service vest is made to fit your dog perfectly, which means you won’t have to worry about your service dog accidentally slipping out of his vest or being injured by a vest that’s too tight. This keeps your dog safer, which also keeps you safer in return. 

A Great Training Tool

The training period is an important time for any service animal to learn the skills they’ll need to assist their owner with all kinds of disabilities

During this period, it’s important to use every tool at your disposal, and a perfectly fitted service dog training vest is key to ensuring positive, effective training for your service dog and getting them accustomed to the fit of their service dog vest

Wearing the vest itself is an important element of any service dog’s training, so your service animal should become familiar with this part of the job with a custom-fitted garment that is comfortable and secure. 


What Requirements Will My Dog Need to Meet to Be a Service Animal?

By definition, a service dog is a dog that’s trained to perform a task specifically related to assisting their owners disability. Your service dog will need to be able to be trained to perform a task for you that you are unable to perform yourself, and the tasks the service animal will learn depends on your indivual disability needs. 

Is Doctor Approval Required to Purchase a Service Animal Vest?

Physician approval is not required to purchase a dog service vest for your service animal. Providing documentation of your dog’s service animal status would only become necessary if your disabled status was legally challenged. 

However, those with service dogs should be prepared to verbally confirm they are disabled and their service dog’s trained to preform a task and state what that task is (they cannot require you to preform the task). In public, employees of establishments can only ask whether your dog is a service dog and what tasks your dog performs for you. They cannot demand to see identification or documentation of your dog’s status as a service dog. 

Does My Service Dog in Training Need a Specific Harness?

Service dogs currently in training do not need to wear a specific service animal vest or harness legally. However, the individual training the service dog will likely find it helpful for their service dog in training to display this information on their harness or vest, as it will help to alert strangers not to touch or interact with your dog and disrupt their training. 

What Specific Features Are Needed for My Service Dog’s Vest?

When choosing a service dog vest, it’s important to choose one that is easy to put on your dog and comes off without struggle as well. You’ll be doing this action consistently, so make sure to take this into account when you’re choosing which vest to buy

Find a service vest for dogs that is simple to attach a leash to, preferably a vest that has multiple options for leash attachments, depending on your needs.

Additionally, your service dog vest should be custom-fitted and comfortable for the dog, allowing him to move freely without feeling constricted. The vest should be tight enough that your dog isn’t in danger of slipping out accidentally, but not so tight that it could cause discomfort or physical injury to your dog or affect his ability to do his job as your service dog.

Legally, your service dog is not required to wear a vest that displays their status as a working animal. However, many service dog owners find it very useful to have their dog’s status as a service dog displayed on their harnesses. Therefore, one of your requirements for your service dog’s vest should be clearly displayed stitching, patches, or cards that communicate your service dog’s training and status to passersby. 

This will help mitigate any issues you might have when bringing your dog into public places where pets typically aren’t allowed or avoiding unwanted attention from strangers while your service dog is working or in training. 

What Is the Difference Between an Emotional Support Dog and a Service Dog?

Generally, the term “service dog” describes a dog that assists their owner with a physical disability, while emotional support animals are meant to help specifically with emotional or psychological issues. Emotional support animals don’t require as much specific training as service dogs do, as there is less emphasis on specific behavioral tasks for emotional support dogs compared to service dogs. Emotional support dogs do not have public access and are not permitted to enter a public establishment so there is no need for an ESA dog to have equipment as they are only permitted in homes. 

Do the Colors of Service Dog Vests Have Any Significance?

There are several different colors and styles you can choose from when it comes to your service dog’s harness. Some of the most common colors that those with service dogs choose for their animals are red, blue, and purple, which has led to some misconceptions about the specific significance of any one of these colors for service dog vests.

There are no determined meanings for any specific colors of service dog vests as determined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). However, one common occurrence is the use of purple service dog vests for Purple Heart military veterans, though this is purely by choice and not required by any governmental organization. 

You can choose whichever color and style you prefer for your dog’s service vest, in addition to opting for a vest you believe will be comfortable for your animal to wear every day.



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