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Real Sheepskin Shearling Tug

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This training tug has a dual purpose as a motivational dog training tug and it can also be used as an assist dog training tug or a tool for the handler to open doors. Our natural Shearling training tug is made from real sheepskin. It is soft on the dog’s mouth but very strong as we have stitched it onto heavy cotton webbing. I like the natural non slippery woven cotton webbing handle as it gives a firm grip. This large size loop handle is big enough so the tug can function as training and operating aid for a disabled handler. The tug handle can be placed over door knobs or handles to aid in opening doors. Overall length of this tug is 24 inches.

Color of tug handle will vary

Tugs are not chew toys, they are interactive training aids. Tug toys are excellent for a rewarding game of tug. Do not allow your dog to chew on the tug or keep the tug after the interaction has finished.

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