Identification & Service Dog Tags
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Service Dog Tags & Identification Cards

Our ID tags are custom made and engraved, with inscriptions in large, bold text for easy, quick reading. In addition to traditional tags, we offer ID patches and dog ID cards to allow for clear, concise identification of your dog’s respective duties. Shop our selection of service dog equipment for ID collar tags, ID cards, ID pouches and much more. If you have a question about any of our service or therapy dog gear, contact us.

Here at Active Dogs, we offer everything needed for therapy and service dogs. We offer various ways to identify and distinguish them as working dogs, and to highlight the specific conditions of their owners.

Your service dog ID number can be found on your registration card. You can keep the number handy on your phone so you may access the database at all times, in the case where you leave your ID card at home or if you do not have your wallet. 

Our ID tags for working, service and therapy dogs are custom made and engraved, with inscriptions in large, bolded text for easy, quick reading. In addition to traditional tags we offer ID patches and cards to allow for clear, concise identification of your dog and their respective duties to their owner.

We also offer a selection of clips and lanyards to attach various tags, and methods of transport for medications, tags and emergency documents. Everything you require from your service and therapy dog, as well as conditions you need to communicate, are clearly represented through tags and badges offered through Active Dogs.

Please browse our pages below to see our selection of ID tags, badges and supplies, and contact us with any questions. We are looking forward to hearing from you and outfitting your active dog.



What Is a Service Dog Tag?

Service dog tags are identification tags designed to give you the option to show proof of your dog’s registration and training as a service dog. Service dog identification tags help make it clear to employees and patrons in public places that your dog is not just a loving pet, but a working service dog that shouldn’t be interacted with unless given permission by its owner. 

Your service dog tag ID is custom-made and printed to display your information and your dog’s status as a working animal. Generally, owners of service dogs will attach their service dog ID tag directly onto their service dog’s vests and harnesses so that it can be seen and read by the people around them in public places. 

What Are Service Dog ID Tags Used For?

Service dog ID tags are used to display your dog’s specific training and registration as an official service dog. This is important because even though pets are not allowed in many public places, service dogs are allowed everywhere that you go so that they can provide you with the support you need.

Service dog tags display in clear, custom-engraved lettering that your dog’s access to public places is required by law, and it cannot be separated from you for any reason. Service animal tags also display other legal information, including your dog’s name and breed, your name as your dog’s handler, your dog’s certification and ID numbers, and more. 

How Do I Get a Service Dog Tag?

Did you know that service tags for dogs aren’t actually required ? However, even if your state doesn’t have this requirement, service dog tags are strongly encouraged for all working animals in order to make your interactions in public places smoother, safer, and more efficient. 

To get a service tag for dog use, you’ll need to make sure that your service dog meets the proper requirements for your disability. Federal law states that a person must be considered disabled and the dog must be trained to perform a qualified task for your disability. Once you meet the requirements of the federal government, you’ll have the proper information to print on your custom service dog tags. (visit for more info on qualifications)

Do I Need to Include a Photo on a Service Dog Identification Tag?

Since a service dog tag ID is not legally required to own and use a service dog, there are few specifications surrounding what should be displayed on your service dog identification tag if you choose to have one. 

However, many service dog owners find it helpful to display as much information as possible on their dog’s service animal tag regarding what their dog is trained for and why. Going above and beyond by including additional information, like your dog’s picture, can help service dog owners feel more equipped to handle potentially difficult situations in public places.

What’s the Difference Between an Emotional Support Animal and a Service Dog? 

Service dogs have specific training requirements they need to meet to provide their physically or mentally disabled owner with assistance. Emotional support animals aren’t necessarily trained to help their owner with a specific task but rather provide an elevated sense of calm for those with emotional or psychological issues. 

Additionally, service dogs are required by law to stay with their owner wherever they go, but emotional support animals are not allowed in all public places.