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The Agility Tunnel Tamer is just that.  These large 4” pitch tunnels are heavy and unruly to put away and move around. The 20’ tunnel weights over 60 pounds.  The tunnel tamer is a life saver and is so easy to use.  It is constructed of six heavy duty poly straps.  Poly is a better material for outdoor use as it will not rot as fast as nylon.  Because each strap has a looped handle two people can carry that big tunnel.  The tunnel tamer is very easy to put on and take off. 

To use the tunnel tamer, simply lay the tunnel tamer circle center plate face up on the ground, center and set your tunnel over the circle plate.  Loosen the straps all the way out, place the strap up over the tunnel edge and bring it over to the inside and buckle.  Buckle all 6 of the straps, then pull up on the looped handle to tighten and compress the tunnel to the desired tightness. Now you are ready to store or move your tunnel.  To take the tunnel tamer off the tunnel, unbuckle the side release buckles and lay the straps back over the tunnel edge to the outside of the tunnel. Made in the USA.

Easy On Easy Off Design
6 Buckling Straps
6 Looped Handles

Agility Equipment
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