Ultimate Dog Boots (Set of 2)
Ultimate Dog Boots (Set of 2)
Ultimate Dog Boots (Set of 2)
Ultimate Dog Boots (Set of 2)
Red Ultimate Dog Boots
Ultimate Dog Boots (Set of 2)
Ultimate Dog Boots (Set of 2)
Ultimate Dog Boots (Set of 2)
Ultimate Purple Dog Boots
Ultimate Dog Boots Bag and Sox
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Ultimate Dog Boots (Set of 2)

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The Ultimate Dog Boots are tall boots that give extra protection for the dog’s legs. A dog’s front and back legs are not the same shape so these boots address that issue and meet that demand.  The front and back boots are different in design. They are made to fit either the dog’s front or back leg.  The back boots are shaped to fit a dog’s angled back leg whereas the front are made to fit more of a straighter leg. The taller boot is also a good choice for those dogs that have allergies or bothered by gnats and jiggers.

These boots are made from a high quality, water resistant, 1000 denier nylon/urethane coated fabric. The bottom of the boot has denier on the inside and insulated padding. The outside foot pad is non-slip resin material. There are two Hook and Loop closing straps on the outside of the boots.  There is an additional Hook and Loop closure on the interior for securing the dog boots on your dog's paws and over the socks.  Running the full length of the boots is a reflective strip. This provides added visibility for your dog's safety. There is a full length front zipper which allows you to easily take the boots on/off.  We offer these boots in all 13 vest/harness colors so you can match the boots to the dogs vest/harness.

The boots come with removable fleece socks which are machine washable and dryable. Additional socks can be purchased separately.

Each pair of boots comes with a netted bag.  This is handy for drying out the boots and conveniently keeping them together when not in use.

These boots are sold in sets of two.  Most dogs have smaller back paws than the front paws so you may need to buy different sizes of boots for your dog’s front and back paws.  Measure your dog’s front and back paws for proper sizing.  3 Sizes available, 13 Color Choices, USA Made



Set of 2 Boots with fleece socks

Comes with netted storage bag

Front or Back Leg Design

13 Color Choices

Three Sizes

Made in USA

Search & Rescue Gear
Paw Protection
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