Non Slip Reflective Dog Boots (set of 2)

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Our Non-Slip Dog boots have many features worthy of your 4 legged companion. These booties are a simple on and off style with an elastic top; which, helps in putting the boots on the dog.  There are two reflective adjustable straps that hold the boots securely on your dog’s paws. The boot toe and bottom areas are covered in a PVC Resin coated fabric; This is a non-slip material giving extra grip while walking on slippery surfaces, is water resistant, and provides paw protection.

These booties are fleece lined so they are cozy warm for the dog.  We offer these boots in all 13 colors of our strong denier fabric so you can match the boots with the dogs vest or harness.

Choose from four sizes.  These boots are sold in sets of 2.  Most dogs have smaller back paws than the front paws so you may need to buy different sizes of boots for your dog’s front and back paws. USA Made.

Measure your dog’s front and back paws for proper sizing.

Two Adjustable Straps

No Slip Bottoms
Toe Protection
Water Resistant
Reflective Safety
Fleece Lined
13 Color Choices
4 Size Choices
Available, 13 Color Choices

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