Leather Working Dog Leash
Leather Working Dog Leash
Leather Working Dog Leash
Leather Working Dog Leash
Leather Working Dog Leash
Ultimate Working Dog Lead
Adjustable Leather Training Leash

Ultimate Leather Hands Free Dog Leash 6'

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The activedogs.com hands free two layer leash is top of the line.  This style of Ultimate Working Dog Lead is often used in police, Schutzhund, and service dog work. We make our lead with two layers of 3/4" thick latigo leather that is stitched and riveted together making this leash heavy duty for large dogs.  Latigo leather is a durable, flexible, softer leather and it breaks in faster.  It is dyed solid all the way through, so it will not fade. Because of the conditioners that are infused with oils during the process latigo leather is almost waterproof.  It will not dry out like most harness leather.  It can be easily cleaned and oiled after use. Durable heavy brass hardware is used on the lead for added strength. 

This is a very versatile lead.  It can be used over your shoulder for hands free dog training/working.  When the lead is over your shoulder, the built-in, looped handle (on one end) is near the dog and can be easily grasped.  This lead can be used as a 6’ leash with handle; or if you want a shorter leash, it can be looped back through itself. You can also have it snap back to itself and use it as a temporary tie out.  The bolt snaps (one at each end) can be attached to a wheel chair or walker. Since it has a bolt snap at each end, you can also use it to walk two dogs at the same time.  Made in USA



Brass Hardware
Adjustable lengths 3/4” X 6' 
Stitched Throughout
Color is Black

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