Leather Dog Booties (Set of 2)

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Leather Suede Dog Booties are made of soft suede leather.  The back of the boot is made from black leather and the front of the boot is made from tan leather. The bottom pad of the boots is reinforced with a non-slip PVC resin material.  This gives your dog extra grip while walking and it makes the bottom pad water resistant.  These Suede Leather Dog Booties are stitched together not glued.  At the top of the boot is a Hook and Loop strap closure to secure the boots around the dog’s leg.  The suede boot makes a soft boot that easily wraps around the dogs leg. These boots are sold in sets of 2.  Most dogs have smaller back paws than the front paws so you may need to buy different sizes of boots for your dog’s front and back paws.  Measure your dog’s front and back paws for proper sizing. USA Made


Suede Leather

Mitten Style

Non-Slip Bottom Pad

Velcro Closing

Search & Rescue Gear
Paw Protection
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