Dog Agility Pause Box
Agility competition pause Box
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Agility Pause Box

Agility Pause Box

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This ground sitting yellow and blue pause box is used as an aid in training the “pause” in an agility obstacle course. In practice it will also work as an additional obstacle. The more equipment you put out for the dog the more challenging and fun it is for the dog.

The ActiveDogs pause box is an easily identified color combination for your dog during pause training and practice. The 1.5” frame is made from blue Furniture Grade PVC that is ultraviolet (UV) and corrosion resistant, infused with modifiers so they will not deteriorate and bend in the outdoor sun light. The bright yellow interior is made from weather resistant yellow fabric. This softer interior is less intimidating for the dog starting the pause work. The size is 35” x 35”.

This sturdy and very attractive pause box is used in dog agility for teaching the dog to stop and pause during the agility course. In the dog agility sport the contact obstacle “pause table” is used in competition. The pause box is a great way to start that training. With the pause box you can practice teaching the pause work. This product is not a pause table but a pause box. The difference is that the pause box sits directly on the ground whereas a pause table is elevated off the ground. Made in the USA.

*Sandbags sold seperately*

Size-35” x 35”
Yellow Fabric Center
Furniture Grade Blue PVC
Highly Visible Contrasting Colors
Great Starter/Training Obstacle
Manufactured in the USA @

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Pause Table
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