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This Agility Tunnel Cart is a life saver when it comes to moving your agility tunnels. The professional agility tunnels are not only long but heavy to move from location to location.  The large agility tunnel weighs over 60 pounds.  These large agility tunnels are expensive so dragging them around the yard and training field can be a costly mistake when they become damaged.  I can handle the tunnels by myself with the use of the Agility Tunnel Cart. When I’m done training, I just push my tunnel together, lay the cart down and roll the tunnel unto the cart, stand the cart up, then strap down the tunnel.

Tunnels are made to be used outdoors but I prefer to extend the longevity of my tunnels by storing them under roof. The Tunnel Cart makes it is easy to go fetch the tunnel and bring it to where I want to train or put it away into storage.  The cart has 7” rubber wheels that are on an axel, it easily rolls over grass, dirt, etc. There is an adjustable buckling strap attached to the cart so you can secure the tunnel to the cart. It is made from the highest-grade colored PVC.  It is the most attractive, durable and long-lasting furniture PVC on the market.  This Furniture Grade PVC is ultraviolet (UV) and corrosion resistant and infused with modifiers that allow extra load onto the pipe.  This furniture grade PVC will not yellow and bend in the outdoor sun light. The fittings are also the same quality grade PVC that have tapered edges for smooth edge transition. 

There are no sharp corners and the fittings fit secure. This is a considerably more expensive PVC than what can be purchased at the local hardware store but the beauty, longevity and strength are well worth is. The cart is rated for up to 100 pounds.  Some assembly required, it comes with Instructions and PVC glue. 

Tunnels are sold separately.  Made in the USA.

* Furniture Grade USA PVC
* 7” Rubber Wheels
* Adjustable Buckling Hold Down Strap
* Comes w/Instructions and Glue


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