IGP/IPO Protection Blind 8 feet

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This blind is an 8 foot blind with non-telescoping standard poles.

All of our blinds are made from exterior marine grade materials for lasting outdoor use. The bottom of the tent and all edges are reinforced and bound. The top of the poles are held together with our locking pin system that easily snaps open should you want to take apart the blind. Our unique blind design features the 4 layer reinforced hood that is on all of our blinds. This blind will never slip down the poles as the reinforced hood holds them in place.

This blind is different in the fact that the peep window area extends the full width of the blind. The blind is a beautiful royal blue color on the top section and solid black on the bottom portion of the blind. The blind has a removable spike hold down system. The three spikes come with the blind and have a pouch for storage when the blind is not in use. There are no nasty short spikes welded onto the poles to tear up the inside of your vehicle. The poles also have rubber end caps at the bottom of the poles for working indoors during those winter months or rainy days. This is a nice feature because the blind will stand secure on a hard surface. There is an attached Hook and Loop strap on the side of the blind for holding the blind together in storage. The front poles of these blinds are actually 7’10” in length. Made in the USA.

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