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This simple little tool has quickly become one of my favorites. It easily fits in a pocket and I generally have one with me when working a dog. The dog likes the size and ease of this rubber ball with knobby teeth in it. The webbing that is attached to the ball is also rubberized. This is not slippery if the dog catches the webbing instead of the ball when opening a door or pulling a drawer open. Because of the rubberized webbing the ball grips nicely around any object you attach it to, doors, drawers, etc.

Another place I’ve used this is in training a dog to bring me an object they don’t like in their mouth, such as metal keys. So when I am training the dog to bring me those metal keys I’ll start with looping this around the key ring until the dog gets used to the clanging keys. The ball can be used as motivation because dogs love that reward ball.

The Open Command Training Ball is approximately 15 inches long un-looped. Ball color may vary. Made in the USA.

• Rubberized Easy Grip Webbing
• Loops around Objects
• Rubber Ball w/Rubber Knobby Teeth
• Convenient Size

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