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Interchangeable Bite Sleeve System

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If you are working multiple dogs that are at different bite levels, you can use the same cuff and attach it to another sleeve bottom. When your young dog out grows the softer young dog sleeve, you can remove the sleeve and switch to the intermediate sleeve bottom. Our interchangeable bite sleeve system allows you to purchase different sleeves and use the same cuff for all of them. Leather sleeve cuff is made with heavy, 11 oz. latigo leather. The leather cuff is flexible and comfortable to wear.

The 4 sleeve choices in our Interchangeable Bite Sleeve System are:
#15-Young Dog Sleeve made with jute is for the young or "green" dog. It provides a soft bite.
#10-Jute Soft Intermediate Sleeve made with two layers of jute has a firmer sleeve for a medium bite.
#19-Synthetic Young Dog Sleeve is for young or "green" dogs and is made with durable bite suit material. It is flexible and gives a soft bite.
#17-Synthetic Soft Intermediate Bite Sleeve is made with two layers of bite suit material and has a firmer sleeve for a medium bite. This sleeve may be red or black.

ALL OF THE SLEEVES: are quilted, have a hard interior grab handle, and have leather reinforced seam tabs.
Putting a young dog on a bite sleeve that is too hard will discourage him from working. Dogs need to develop their bite, and this is the reason for a variety of bite materials, thickness and hardness.
The leather cuff is compatible and will work with any of the bottom sleeve replacements.

These sleeves are not designed for a hard dog without gauntlet protection, we suggest a hard barrel sleeve.

Choose from 4 sleeves  Made in USA

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