Ambidextrous Ballistic Bite Sleeve w/ Bite Bar
Ambidextrous Bite Sleeve
Ambidextrous Ballistic Bite Sleeve w/ Bite Bar
Back view bite sleeve
Ambidextrous Ballistic Bite Sleeve w/ Bite Bar

Ambidextrous Ballistic Bite Sleeve w/ Bite Bar

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The Ambidextrous Bite Sleeve with a formed bite bar is a very versatile bite sleeve as it can be worn on the right or left arm.  This sleeve is light weight which is a nice feature if you are working those heavy dogs or many dogs in a day.  The ballistic bite sleeve is a pound lighter than our leather Ambidextrous sleeve.  The exterior construction is made from high density ballistic material, similar to what is used in luggage. So, it is extremely durable and water resistant. Stress points are reinforced and padded for comfort and ease of use. The interior has padded moisture absorbent material so your arm is less likely to slip around in the sleeve while working. The cuff has a large coverage area to protect the helper’s upper arm.  It has a beautiful embroidered graphic, done in steel gray color. 

The barrel of this sleeve has a double darted formed bite bar. This will help encourage a dog to open its mouth wider as it comes to a tapered form at the front of the bite bar.

There is a removable belt at the upper part for attaching to the bite sleeve cover. It is best to fully remove this belt once you have your cover on the bite sleeve, then lace the belt through the sleeve and cover to fasten them together. The sleeve is black in color. Made in the USA.


Lightweight High-Density Materials

Formed Bite Bar

Can be worn on right or left arm

Convenient if there are left and right-handed helpers

Made in USA

Note: This Bite Sleeve requires a Bite Sleeve Cover. Bite Sleeve Cover is not included but can be purchased here 802510 or 802515.

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