Caliberdog X Bite Sleeve
Caliberdog X Bite Sleeve
Caliberdog X Bite Sleeve
Caliberdog X Bite Sleeve
Caliberdog X Bite Sleeve Adjustment
Caliberdog X Bite Sleeve Adjustment

CaliberDog X-Sleeve Dog Bite Sleeve

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The CaliberDog X-Sleeve is hand crafted and an outstanding durable bite sleeve. The sleeve should be used with a sleeve cover to insure the sleeve lasts for a long time. The handle inside the sleeve has 6 different slots to be adjusted to fit your anatomy. See photos for how to adjust the handle. The bite bar is also adjustable. There are 2 removable sections to change the stiffness of the bite bar. This is ideal for training puppies or young dogs to the intermediate or advanced level. There is no metal or hard plastic in the bite bar making it a safer bite sleeve for the canine. The barrel is made of hard plastic to insure that the canine's teeth do not sink into your arm. With this superior design the CailberDog X-Sleeve is ideal for police, Schutzhund, and military canine training.

Key Features

  • 3 way adjustable bite bar
  • 6 ways to adjust the handle
  • Ideal for training young canines or puppies
  • Bite bar does not have metal or hard plastic
  • Hard Dog Sleeve

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