Removable Crate Side Cover
Removable Crate Side Cover

Removable Crate Side Cover

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This crate side cover is good when you need to keep your dog from seeing past the crate side.  If the dog doesn't see the dog in the next crate it is less likely to be barking at it. The Crate Side Cover is made with marine grade, outdoor fabric w/ PVC waterproof backing. All sides are bound and finished. There are five snap covers, inserted into the cover, for attaching it to the crate's side. We will send you the other part of the snaps so you can install them on your crate. Choose from 3 sizes. Made in the USA.

Durable Outdoor Fabric w/ PVC Backing
Helpful When Two Crates are Side By Side & You Don't Want Your Dogs to Bother Each Other

36"L x 28"H
42"L x 32"H
48"L x 32"H

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