Natural Cedar Crate Floor (for Aluminum Crates)
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Natural Cedar Crate Floor

Natural Cedar Crate Floor (for Aluminum Crates)

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We make our cedar crate floors from #1 cedar planks. This cedar wood is a natural product so color, grain lines, wood knots will vary from floor to floor.  The cedar is sanded for a smooth finish. The Natural Cedar Crate Bottom is slotted so dirt and hair fall through the cedar flooring. This is the crate floor you want for pups who are house training or dogs with weak bladders who tend to have accidents. The floor is raised off the crate floor so the dog will not be sitting in wet. The corners of the cedar floor are mitered, so the cedar floor can be grabbed from the corner and removed from the crate for cleaning. Choose from 3 sizes that coordinate with the crate size.

Choose Cedar Floor Size Corresponds to Crate Size:
36” Crate
42” Crate
48” Crate

Removable Cedar Floor
Real Natural Cedar Wood
Smooth Sanded Cedar Wood
Slottted Floor/Dirt Falls Through
Raised Floor for Wet Drainage

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