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Padded Faux Suede Stick "Schlagstock" with Popper. The Schlagstock is used in protection dogs/Schutzhund trials. The Schlagstock (German word for Baton) is also used in protection dog training.  By using the Schlagstock, the dog developes courage to stand its ground when someone comes at them with a object.  This Schlagstock has an added drop popper to it.  The 30" drop popper when cracked makes a noise to help attract the dogs attention to the helper. The noise activates and excites the dog. The exterior is made of faux suede with a leather wrist handle. This stick has a flexible core that is covered in padding. The Schlagstock is not a hard hit on the dog because of the interior padding.  This padded stick w/popper measures 22" in length w/a 30" drop popper at the end. It is 1.5" wide with a leather handle to wrap around your wrist. The padded stick with wrist strap helps keep the stick in position while using the Schlagstock. The 1.5" width makes for a comfortable grab and the faux suede is non-slippery. Made in the USA.


Man Made Exterior
Leather Wrist Strap
Foam Interior Padding
Flexible Inside Core
Schlagstock Stick for Protection Training
Used in Building the Dogs Courage
USA Made

Schutzhund Equipment
Whips & Sticks
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