Jute Young Dog/Intermediate Sleeve
Jute Intermediate Bite Sleeve
Jute Young Dog Bite Sleeve
Jute Intermediate Bite Sleeve

Jute Young Dog/Intermediate Sleeve

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The Jute Puppy Sleeve is made with a double layer of jute. It is padded for safety and has a quilted lining for comfort. The interior has a formed handle so you can easily pull your arm into the sleeve. At the top is a loop for hanging the sleeve. I have used this to drag the sleeve in front of the pup to excite the puppy to chase and bite the sleeve. It helps motivate and train the puppy.  This sleeve will help transition the young dog into a regular harder bite sleeve. The puppy sleeve is a beginning softer sleeve experience for the young dog. It will promote the pup to bit as it has a spongy soft bite. Can be worn on the helpers right or left arm.  Made in USA.

Soft Jute
Padded Inside
Interior Grab Handle
Made in USA
Lightweight and flexible
Can be worn on the right or left arm
Appropriate for the young dog who is learning to bite

Bite Suits & Sleeves
Bite Sleeve
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