Hands Free Waist Leash w/ Bag
Hands Free Dog Training Waist Leash
Hands Free Leash For Dog Training
Hands Free Leash With Waist Bag
Hands Free Leash With Waist Bag
Hands Free Leash With Waist Bag

Hands Free Waist Leash w/ Bag

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The Hands Free Waist Leash with Bag, #707618, works very similar on the same principle as our regular Hands Free Leash, #707615. The Hands Free Waist Leash attaches to the handler around the waist like a belt, where as the regular Hands Free Leash is used around the shoulder area of the handlers body. The waist belt is made from heavy poly nylon and is adjustable. The belt has an easy on and off side release buckle.  Choose from two belt sizes. The two sizes will fit waist measurements from 21-37” or 33-61”. 
Attached to the belt is a floating O-ring. The floating O-ring moves freely along the belt making the gate between handler and dog smoother. The Xtreme bungee lead attaches to the dog. One end of the Xtreme has a bolt snap that attaches to the dog and the other end has a flat wire snap which attaches to the floating O-ring. The Xtreme bungee is made from a flat high density thick type elastic lead. The stretch in this is a nice feature because there is give in the lead, again giving a smooth draw between dog and handler. Choose from three different Xtreme lead lengths, 18” – 24” – 30”. 
The Hands Free Waist Leash comes with a two pocket bag that can be removed from the belt. The bag is made from durable 1000 denier fabric. The bag has a secure front top zipper, easy grab long zip tab, mesh front pocket, and small D-ring for attaching your keys. The mesh front pocket can be used to store your ID. Having the belt bag gives you convenient storage for your wallet, phone, pills, etc. so you won‘t have to carry a purse or bag out in public. 
Like our regular Hands Free Leash the purpose of this lead is to have the dog work with you and adapt to your body movements. The dog learns to be attached to you and anticipate what you are doing and the direction it should move with you. One of the benefits of this leash is that it gives you free movement of both your hands. You can work attached to the dog and at the same time move independently from the dog. It is much easier to push a shopping cart, open doors, or pick up objects when you have both hands free.
·        Both hands are free while walking, working, or jogging with a dog.
·    Adjustable waist belt has a side release buckle, choose from 2 sizes.
·    High density flat bungee lead, both ends have snaps, choose from 3 sizes.
·         Floating O-ring in the belt for attaching the lead to the dog.
·         Two pocket belt bag, easy grab long zip tab, front mesh pocket, Sm. Key D-ring, bag can be removed from belt.
·        1" wide leash
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