Agility  Panel Hurdle Jump Multi Color Deluxe Kit
Agility  Panel Hurdle Jump Multi Color Deluxe Kit
Agility  Panel Hurdle Jump Multi Color Deluxe Kit
Agility  Panel Hurdle Jump Multi Color Deluxe Kit
Agility  Panel Hurdle Jump Multi Color Deluxe Kit
Agility  Panel Hurdle Jump Multi Color Deluxe Kit
Agility  Panel Hurdle Jump Multi Color Deluxe Kit

Agility Panel Hurdle Jump Multi Color Deluxe Kit

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Includes the 6 Panel Multi-Colored Jump, 2 Low-Profile Jump Sand Bags, Jump Carry Bag

The Jump:
Our Agility 6 Panel Multi-Colored Jump is a beautiful quality panel jump.  This panel jump consists of 6 jump bars.  Each bar is covered in a different color of fabric. The colors are Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, Blue, and Green. 

By using a panel jump the dog learns to clear what looks like a solid wall, while at the same time a safely feature of having different sections to come off if the dog misses the jump height. Each panel is made of fabric attached to a PVC jump pole. These panels are not floppy thin fabric panels that are flipped over by the wind.  The fabric is a good panel choice because it is not like a noisy plastic panel and as the dog will not be hurt if the panel comes down during the exercise.

The Panel Jump measures 36” tall. It comes with 6, 48” jump bars. This jump is stable because it has 4 feet at its bottom. The jump frame is blue with yellow vinyl wraps on the upright poles. There is no tape on the jump and comes already wrapped for you.  The displaceable jump bars can be set from 4” to 26” in height. 

The Jump bars, posts and bases are made from the highest-grade colored PVC.  It is the most attractive, durable and long-lasting furniture PVC on the market.  This Furniture Grade PVC is ultraviolet (UV) and corrosion resistant and infused with modifiers that allow extra load onto the pipe.  This Jump frame will not yellow and bend in the outdoor sun light. The fittings are also the same quality grade PVC that have tapered edges for smooth edge transition.  There are no sharp corners and the fittings fit snuggly secure. This is a considerably more expensive PVC than what can be purchased at the local hardware store but the beauty, longevity and strength are well worth is. Easy to read and follow assembly instructions included.  It can be used indoors or outdoors. 

The Sand Bags:
The Low-Profile Jump Sand Bags are designed to lay over the base of most jumps.  They are in a triangle shape giving them the ability to be spread over the jump’s base/feet. The Jump sand bag is a wide low-profile bag that keeps the bags weight down on the ground.  Each Jump Sand Bag holds 21# of sand, (sand not included). The front of the sand bags have a Velcro strap so the sand bag can be hooked around the jump upright post.

These sand bags are made from outdoor marine grade UV protected fabric. We have used this fabric on our field equipment for 20+ years and it has stood the test of time. The front of the jump sand bag zipper opens for easy loading of the plastic sand bags (plastic bags included). There is a reinforced carry handle on the top of the sand bags for easy transport. The bag carry handle is low profile so there will be no floppy handle straps for handler or dog to get tangled in.

The Low-Profile Sand Bags come with 28 plastic bags to fill with sand. The added plastic bags are a nice feature as you can easily decrease or increase weight in the bags. The plastic bags filled with sand will help protect the longevity of the bag’s interior. The Low-Gravity Sand Bag can be used indoors or outdoors. Made in the USA. (Sand not included)

The Jump Bag:
The Activedogs Agility Jump Bag is made for transporting and storing our agility jumps.  This is useful in managing agility equipment and separating the pieces of your equipment, especially during storing.  If you have multiple jumps there are a lot of moving pieces so putting them away in their own bag helps organization. 

This bag will fit any of the agility jumps with a 48” or less jump bar.  The bag is made from black nylon with two wide carry handles and double head zipper.  The handles are stitched all the way around the bag for good support in carrying the bag. A double head zipper give you the ability to open the bag in either direction. On each end of the bag there are finger tabs that are long enough to hang up the bag.  The bag seams are double stitched for strength. The bag is measures 51” long, 9” wide and 4.5” tall.  Made in the USA.

Colored Fabric Covered Jump Bars
6-48” Jump Bars Included
Stable 4 Leg Base Design
UV Corrosion Resistant Furniture Grade PVC
Attractive Blue PVC w/Yellow Wraps
Adjustable Jump Heights, 4”-26”
Sand Bag Low Profile Triangle Design
Outdoor Marine Grade Fabric
21# Bag Capacity
Carry Handle
Includes 28 Plastic Bags
Jump Bag Nylon Outdoor Fabric
Fits up to 48” Jump Bars
2 Wide Carry Handles
Two Way Zipper
Hanging Tabs
All Made in USA

Agility Equipment
Hurdle Jump
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