Agility Dog Walk Bases 36"
Agility Dog Walk Bases 36"
Agility Dog Walk Bases 36"
Agility Dog Walk Bases 36"
Agility Dog Walk Bases 36"
Agility Dog Walk Bases 36"
Agility Dog Walk Bases 36"

Agility Dog Walk Bases 36"

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Agility PVC Walk Bases that are a shorter height to accommodate shorter plank boards.  Not everyone has the room for a 12’ agility dog walk in their back yard so we have designed a smaller more economical dog walk base for that application.  It also works well for those smaller dogs.  I start my dogs on a practice 8’ walk before moving them to our 48” tall 12’ walk.  It’s just easier to get the dog used to that upward angled movement.

The Walk Bases-36 are made from the highest-grade colored PVC Furniture pipe.  It is the most attractive, durable and long-lasting pipe on the market. Furniture grade PVC pipe is different from the white PVC pipe.  This is a Furniture Grade Pipe that is ultraviolet (UV) and corrosion resistant and infused with modifiers that allow extra load onto the pipe.  The fittings have tapered edges for smooth edge transition that fits snuggly.

Both bases come with a 10” metal bracket to attach your base and plank together.  This makes these bases incredibly sturdy and stable.  The bottom ground area of the base is wider than the top so the base will not be tippy.  Having a wider base allows the base to be firmly planted on the ground

Bases are stand-alone products that are designed for the weight of a 8’ plank board and two 8’ plank board side ramps.  Additional 36” center support (350783) can be purchased separately.  A center support will help with plank bounce.  The assembled base is 34.5” tall so when adding the plank board with a depth of 1.5” your walk will be 36” in height. 

Included are: 2 Walk Bases, 2 Metal Brackets for Bases, Full colored easy to read assembly directions and directions on how to build your wooden board plank are included.

Bases and ramps come partially assembled so shipping costs are reasonable and truck shipping is not necessary. Center Walk Support (350783) and Plank to Ramp Plank Brackets (10303) sold separately. Made in the USA.

2 Economical Walk Bases
2 Metal Plank Brackets
Designed for 8’ Plank Boards
Reasonable Shipping
Easy Assembly Directions
Manufactured in the USA @


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