Dog Muscle Building Weight Vest
Dog Muscle Building Weight Vest
K9 Muscle Building Weight Vest

4 lb Dog Weight Vest - Small

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The Dog Weight Vest is made from heavy ballistic material. It is padded, and all seams are double stitched. The back section and the girth and chest straps are sheepskin lined for added comfort. Each pocket holds a ½ pound weight.

The weights come with the vest, and additional weights can be purchased. Never start out a dog with the full amount of weight. Build up to the desired weight gradually.

Training with weights builds a dog's muscles. The weight vest is helpful for training dogs in the weight pulling sport. A weight vest can also be used to tire out an aggressive dog so he/she is easier to handle during training.


Please measure your dog's girth.

Small Vest fits girth of 22-27"

½ pound weights, holds up to 8 weights

Muscle building vest.

Helpful for tiring out aggressive dogs

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