Teamwork Service Dog Training DVD

Teamwork Service Dog Training DVD

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The Teamwork and Teamwork II DVD’s are professionally done and give the viewer insight and understanding of dog behavior. The presenters (personal and professional) have had years of experience and clearly explain and demonstrate the best methods to use in service assistance dog training.

The DVD's give step by step demonstrations of training exercises. Interviews with people who have taught the skills help the viewer understand and visualize the training techniques. There is valuable information on understanding your dog and his behavior, excellent training tips for each exercise, and advice to prepare you for changes in your life and your dog's life.

Some of the training covered in these DVD's are: Teaching your dog to put his front feet up on a surface, to back up, go under a table, come into position beside you, carry objects, open & close doors, pull a wheelchair, stay in position, hold objects, and many other skills.

These training products help people with disabilities realize that they can share the companionship and joy of owning a dog. With a little work and dedication, they can learn how to make their dog a well behaved friend and companion. They don't have to rely on someone else to do it for them, and they don't have to forgo the pleasure of canine companionship. The end result of these Teamwork Training DVD's is TEAM-a person and dog who understand one another and bond strongly together.

Enables you to train your own service dog

Choose from 2 DVD's
Teamwork I-Run Time 75 min
Teamwork II-Run Time 105 min

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