Step-in SD Harness & Leash
Step-in SD Harness & Leash
Step-in SD Harness & Leash
Step-in SD Harness & Leash
Step-in SD Harness & Leash
Step-in SD Harness & Leash
Step-in SD Harness & Leash

Personalized Step-in Service Dog Harness & Leash

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Three words describe this harness & leash: Quick, Secure, Identifying. This harness and leash set are a step in style harness set. It is so quick to put on the dog because you lay the harness open on the floor and the dog steps into the harness and then you simply pull the harness up over the dog’s shoulders and snap it together. It is a secure harness because the harness fits around the dog’s girth, shoulders, and the chest so the dog cannot back out of this harness. The chest strap of this harness is wider for the dog’s comfort which is less stress on the dog. We use this style of harness when we treadmill our dogs for that very reason. And this harness is highly visible identifying your working dog with large text on both the harness and leash.

The Step-In Service Dog Harness & Leash is made with black webbing and your choice of red or reflective silver text. All the hardware on these harness & leash sets are black. The leash has a cushioned comfortable handle and a black bolt spring snap. All the straps of this Step-In Harness are adjustable and the harness will fit dog's girth measurements from 24” to 38”. Choose from several text messages or have your own custom words put on this harness & leash set.

Text Choices are: SERVICE DOG, THERAPY DOG, WORKING DOG, DO NOT PET, or Custom Text up to 12 letters ( All Custom Text Lettering is UPPERCASE ). 

FITS GIRTH 24" - 38"

  • Quick to Put On
  • Fits Securely
  • Identifies your Dog
  • Bold Text Font
  • Comes with Leash
  • Black webbing
  • 2 text color options


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