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We have a variety of designs and two different sizes as well as 4 different colors to choose from.  Spruce up your office, vehicle, or home with these decals exclusively from Active Dogs.


Made in USA

Each decal comes with photo instructions for easy application.

Just click one of these links: Police K-9 Unit, Sheriff, and K-9 Unit to see what you can customize!

Upon checking out: please put your departments phone number and your badge number in the comment box so your information can be verified.

Small Sizes
Number Description Size
509255S-1 Police Dog 11x11
509255S-2 Tracking Unit 11x13
509255S-3 K-9 Unit To Protect and Serve 11x11
509255S-4 Detection Dog 11x10.5
509255S-5 K-9 Unit 11x10.5
509255S-6 Police K-9 Unit (Customize: County) 11x15.5
509255S-7 Caution! K-9 Unit 11x11
509255S-8 Security: Working K-9 Unit 10.5x10.5
509255S-9 Sheriff (Customize: Department Motto and County) 10.5x10.5
509255S-10 K9 Unit (Customize: County and City) 11x13.5

Large Sizes
Number Description Size
509255L-1 Police Dog 22x22
509255L-2 Tracking Unit 22x26
509255L-3 K-9 Unit To Protect and Serve 22x22
509255L-4 Detection Dog 22x20
509255L-5 K-9 Unit 22x20
509255L-6 Police K-9 Unit (Customize: County) 22x31
509255L-7 Caution! K-9 Unit 22x22
509255L-8 Security: Working K-9 Unit 22x22
509255L-9 Sheriff (Customize: Department Motto and County) 22x22
509255L-10 K9 Unit (Customize: County and City) 22x27


Can be applied indoors or outdoors on any smooth, dry surface.

Customized County, City and Department on Decal Numbers 6, 9 and 10

4 Color Choices 2 Different Sizes For Each

Royal Blue
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