Fleece Bungee Tug w/Rubber Tails

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Bring on the excitement! Another great ActiveDogs.com motivational tug.  This tug is an elusive tug that it is lined with flat bungee and has a 20” stretch, so just when the dog thinks he’s got a grip on this tug you can pull the tug & stretch it out of reach.  This makes reward and play time oh so fun & the dog will learn to keep its grip on the tug!
The end of the Fleece Bungee Tug has three rubber teaser tails with fleece fringe making it exciting to chase.
This tug is soft with a webbing and bungee core so it will not damage the dogs’ teeth and is safe with even puppies & young dogs.

Made of attractive bright colors with a nylon looped handle.  The Fleece Bungee Tug w/Rubber Tails is 47” in length and will stretch to 67” in length. 
Made in the USA.

* Bright Attracting Colors
* 20” Stretch Tug
* Soft Fleece Surface
* 3 Rubber Gripping Tails
* Nylon Looped Handle.


Fleece Bungee w/Rubber Tail Tug Video

Description: Woman plays with her rottweiler with Fleece Bungee Tug w/Rubber Tails.

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