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The EEZWALKER No Slip Seat Belt Dog Bed is just that. A no slip dog bed that is attached into the vehicles seat belt. This is a great product with huge function. It will help secure and contain the dog in the vehicle seat. It adds security to traveling with your dog and gives comfort to the animal.

Another feature is it helps to keep the dog hair in one part of the vehicle. The EEZWALKER No Slip Seat Belt Dog Bed has a rubberized no slip bottom. This will help the bed from sliding around the seat and the rubberized materials also help keep the vehicle seat clean. The bed interior is constructed from orthopedic Sherpa materials. This cushions the dog with comfort.

Around the outer edge of the dog bed is a wide bolster to help cup the dog in the bed while driving. There are hook & loop straps on the bottom of the bed that attach around the vehicles seat belt. This is a nice feature as it keeps the bed in place while the dog is loading and unloading the vehicle.

The EEZWALKER No Slip Seat Belt Dog Bed comes in three sizes, small, medium, and large. The smaller bed will work with a vehicle bucket seat and is recommended for smaller dogs. The medium bed is designed to go across 2/3 of a vehicle bench seat. This size is good for medium size dogs. When using the medium size bed attach the vehicle seat belt over into the seat belt connector that is on the opposite side of the vehicles middle seat. This give the medium size dog more room to move. The medium size bed leaves room in the vehicle seat because it leaves open the third seat. A nice feature for adding your child's car seat or hauling another person. The third size is a size large which stretches the full width of most vehicle bench seats. This will accommodate those large dogs. All three sizes are available in the EEZWALKER fleece colors. Choose size small for bucket seats, size medium to fit 2/3 of a bench seat, or the size large to fit most full bench seats. (EEZWALKER Harness sold separately)

The EEZWALKER No Slip Seat Belt Dog Bed comes with an EEZWALKER Seat Belt Connector. The EEZWALKER Seat Belt Connector slides freely up and down the shoulder strap of the seat belt so it will accommodate most any size of dog. If the dog stands, sits, or lays the seat belt connector will float freely up and down the seat belt shoulder strap. The EEZWALKER Dog Seat Belt Connector will work with any vehicle seat belt shoulder strap part of the seat belt. On one end of the seat belt connector is an easy open quick connector that closes tightly and securely. Because the seat belt connector moves up and down the shoulder strap of a seat belt it can be left on the seat belt when not in use. The other end of the seat belt connector attaches to your dog's harness. This product is reinforced strong but at the same time soft when laying against the dog. It is available in all the EEZWALKER fleece colors. Made in the USA

Seven Color Choices: Black, Lime, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, and Blue

3 Sizes Available

  • Small (Bucket Seat) - 19" x 18½" outside / 13" x 15½" inside
  • Medium (2/3rd Bench Seat) - 31" x 20" outside / 25½" x 16½" inside
  • Large (Full Bench Seat) - 50" x 19" outside / 45" x 15" inside

All dimensions are approximate.


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