Dog Drive Interactive Tease Pole
Foam Ball
Dog Drive Interactive Tease Pole
Dog Drive Interactive Tease Pole
Foam ball attachment and fleece tail attachment

Dog Drive Interactive Tease Pole

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The ActiveDogs Interactive Tease Pole is a fun way to create drive and excitement in your dog.  Additionally, it is a brilliant way to exercise your dog.  Our tease pole does not have any metal on it, which makes this safe for all dog ages. Having metal on the pole or attachement could potentially break a dog's teeth.  This pole is a flexible non-breakable pole, wrapped in braiding and has a rubber handle.  This rubber grip end of the pole gives you a good firm grip.  

The tease pole is a great interactive toy that all ages of dogs will enjoy.  It builds a dog’s drive while excising the dog at the same time.

The Dog Drive Interactive Tease Pole come with two attachments.  A colorful 25” long fleece tail and a 3” foam ball.  Both are dog friendly. When we tested this, we saw that puppies were stimulated by the fleece tail as it wiggled along the floor and in the air.  Adult dogs we tried this on seemed to get more excitment from the foam ball.

Pole measures 24” long with a 28” corded end on it.  The fleece tail measures 25” long and the foam ball is 3”.  This is not a tug or chew toy and you should never leave your dog alone with this toy.  Pole is black in color, ball is yellow, and fleece colors vary.

The Interactive Tease Pole is Made in the USA.

• Flexible Non-Breakable Pole
• Rubber Handle Pole Grip
• 2 Free Attachments, Fleece Tail & Foam Ball


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