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CaliberDog Handler Pants
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CaliberDog Handler Pants

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The CaliberDog Handler Pants were designed with much of the same thought process that was used while designing the CaliberDog Handler Vest.  The purpose of these pants foremost is function with comfort.  I don’t think there can ever be too many pants pockets when working dogs.  These pants have a convenient place for everything.

There are 11 pockets in the CaliberDog Handler Pants. The front trouser style pockets are doubled and very deep.  There is a mesh cell phone pocket on the pants front so you will be able to hear the phone.  Two side leg pockets that snap shut and two back pockets that also snap shut.  And if that isn’t enough both lower front legs have zipper opening pockets.  The CaliberDog Pants have a trouser cut that means they will not bind up in the crotch area.  There are two D-rings.  One is located on the pants front right side so your leash, tug, or ball will be attached opposite of where the dog is working.  The other D-ring is attached on the back center of the pants.  This is a good place to hook your radio or GPS while running, or an extra pull tab.  The pants can also be hung up to dry with this back D-ring.

Like the CaliberDog Vest the CaliberDog Handler Pants are made from that great Ripstop fabric.  The color is a steel gray color.  The Ripstop fabric is light weight yet at the same time durable.  The pants have a metal trouser zipper and two top snaps at the waist.  Every seam is double stitched for reinforcement.  USA MADE

The CaliberDog Handler Pants come in five sizes, S, M, L, XL, XXL. See Size Chart tab for specific measurements.

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