Why do Americans love dogs?  Dog Population...

Why do Americans love dogs? Dog Population...

Dec 29th 2015

Why do Americans love dogs? 

I don’t have that answer but Americans must love dogs because there are more dogs in America than any other nation. There are 75 million dogs in America that is a whole lot of dogs. That means about 40 plus million households have one or more dogs in it. Some US states have even designated certain dog breeds as their state dog breed symbol.

As cultures change so does the ownership of dogs seem to change with it? Brazil is changing and urbanizing which seems to be leading into more dog ownership. Brazilian’s have 20 million small house dogs. Different parts of the world seem to dictate the size of dogs that are popular in that area. For example three-fourths of the dogs in Saudi Arabia are large dogs. Dogs in the Muslim countries are considered unclean and are used primarily as protection, not pets. I think this is why big dogs are popular in the Middle Eastern countries.

I found it interesting that even though Americans have the most dogs per nation they do not spend the most money feeding those dogs. Do you know that Norway spends three times the amount of money per dog to feed their dogs than American’s do?

I think the more people become involved in technology and the less involved with other people the more important pets become to people.

Here is the rundown to the world’s dog population:
USA-75 Million
Brazil-35 Million
China-27 Million
Russia-15 Million
Japan-12 Million
Philippines-11 Million
India-10 Million
Argentina-9 Million
France-7 Million
Romania-4 Million

In the USA the states with the most dogs are in this order by dog population: