Service Dog Supplies & Equipment Checklist

Service Dog Supplies & Equipment Checklist

Jan 8th 2020

Service Dog Supplies & Equipment Checklist

While the ADA requires no specific type of service dog equipment, there are some supplies that can make training and everyday life with a service dog just a little bit easier. As you’re starting out, you’ll notice there’s quite a lot of equipment for service dogs on the market. It can be tricky to know just what types of service dog equipment to get. To start, the following is an overview of the essential service dog supplies you’ll need to train and take care of your canine companion.

Vest & Harness

A service dog vest or service dog harness helps to identify your dog as a service animal. While not required by federal law, most service dogs wear an identifying vest or jacket when out in public as a courtesy to others.

At Active Dogs, we carry a wide variety of service dog vests and harnesses to choose from. The following are just a few of the unique options and styles available.

  • A wheelchair-pulling harness is specifically designed for owners in a wheelchair. It features a stiff backplate for added stability when using the handle and chest pads to help absorb any force while alleviating any strain to the dog’s neck. A wheelchair-pulling harness also provides flexibility in terms of where you put your wheelchair-pulling lead. This is an excellent option if you’re starting a new dog in training with a wheelchair.
  • Essential for training, a brace and mobility support harness is ergonomically designed to help the dog’s owner with balancing, walking or performing any type of ambulatory task. It usually includes an easy-to-grasp handle, as well as a durable pull strap.
  • A mesh cape vest is a durable, lightweight vest that is designed to keep your dog comfortable and cool in warmer weather. The mesh material provides the perfect amount of airflow and small pockets allow you to easily store your medication, paperwork, ID cards, phone or keys.


It’s vital that you have a collar with tags attached to your service dog, even if they’re microchipped. It is your canine’s only link to you should something happen, like getting lost. When shopping for quality dog collars for your service dog, you’ll want to look for a flat, martingale or limited-slip collar. These are what you’ll typically use for routine, everyday use and regular walking.

Hands-Free Leash

When searching for a good hands-free service dog leash, be sure to look for a long and high-quality style. Leashes allow your dog to work with you and adapt to your body movements. This will help your canine better anticipate your needs and the direction you’re moving at any given moment.


You’re not the only one who gets chilly when the seasons change! Your service dog will need a coat too if they’re going to be outside for any amount of time. When you’re out and about and your dog is in their working gear, you’ll want a service dog coat that offers full coverage for his undercarriage and belly. Look for one with a close fit so your service dog’s vest can comfortably fit over it.

Boots & Nail Caps

Service dog boots are smart and helpful service dog supplies, especially if they routinely work on slick surfaces or in cold environments. Boots protect your service dog not only from the cold, but also from chemicals and salts that can often be found on sidewalks and streets. They offer protection from sharp or rugged objects as well, alleviating risks and preventing potential injuries to your dog.

To protect the inside of your home, nail caps prevent scratches to your walls, cabinets, appliances, vehicles and flooring, especially if your pup performs any type of paws-up tasks.

Clip-On Accessory Bag

Service dogs are often trained to carry necessities and important medication for their owners. Clip-on accessory bags are designed to hold leashes, training supplies, additional dog gear and more. These bags aren’t just functional; they also help to calm dogs and promote their physical well-being.

Identification Patches & Tags

Again, the ADA does not require service animals to wear any type of special vest, harness or ID tag. However, a patch that says what kind of service dog you have and that clearly states “No Petting” can improve your service dog’s public routine immeasurably. A service dog patch keeps the public at bay and allows your service dog the ability to do their work without distractions.

While it’s illegal for a business owner to demand proof of your service dog’s status, a service dog ID card can also help to prevent any potential hassles you may run into. Keep your service dog identification card on-hand for easy access when needed.

Find the Best Equipment for Service Dogs at Active Dogs

Active Dogs is committed to providing the very best therapy and service dog supplies and equipment in the industry. We work hard to help service dogs do their jobs safely and easily. In fact, our mission is to help the disabled community and their service dogs live their lives without unnecessary boundaries. Shop our selection of service dog vests, harnesses, patches and more. Have a question or need additional information about our service dog supplies? Reach out to our customer service department today.