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Ventilation Adapter Kit

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The Ventilation Adapter Kit is an accessory for use with the ‘K9’ or the ‘K9 & Passenger’ vehicle inserts. This kit allows your vehicles air conditioning or heat to pass through the insert and cool or heat the contents inside, including your K9.  This is not a replacement or standalone Ventilation unit or heater.  This is an adapter kit for use with K9 vehicle inserts.  One end cap bolts either onto a dash vent or anywhere else you can tie into the heating/cooling circuit. The other mounts directly onto the vehicle insert. Flex hose mounts onto the end caps and is held in place with the hose-type clamps.

  • Ventilation Adapter for K9 or K9 Passenger vehicle insert
  • Goes on to vent of vehicle and into the insert

Not compatible with Item# 992029 K-9/Prisoner Police Vehicle Transport Insert Ford Interceptor SUV 2020-2022

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