Therapy Dog Starter's Kit
Therapy Dog Registry ID Card
Therapy Dog Registry ID Card
Standard Therapy Dog Vest Starter Kit
Therapy Dog Engraved Plastic Tag
Standard Therapy Dog Vest Starter Kit

Standard Therapy Dog Vest Starter Kit

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This Therapy Dog Vest Starter kit contains a few of the most popular items for people who are starting with their therapy dog.  Included in this standard Therapy Dog Vest Starter's kit are the following: Made in USA

Therapy Dog Vest with Patches

This Dog Vest are fashioned in a traditional cape style vest for quick and easy use. These vests are still made with the highest quality materials and consist of two layers of weather resistant 1000 denier nylon/urethane coated fabric offered in 11 different colors. The borders of the Therapy Dog Vests are bound with reflective webbing for added visibility, strength, and durability. The vest fits over the dog's head and attaches with a quick release buckle underneath the legs. Both the chest and girth straps are adjustable to give your dog the perfect fit. On the top of the vest there is a clear vinyl pocket to hold your dog’s ID information or paperwork.  Includes 2 patches.

Girth Sizes:

  • Extra Small: 23" - 26"
  • Small: 26" - 30"
  • Medium: 30" - 34"
  • Large: 34" - 38"


Therapy Dog Registry ID Card

Our Identification Card provides all the information clearly for your Therapy Dog on one easy to read, high quality, laminated ID card.  You will also receive a FREE entry to our online registry database which can be validated from any smart phone, tablet, or computer.

The Registry Identification Card is made from heavy duty 30ml plastic, the same as most state issued ID cards. A professional resin thermal encoder machine is used in printing the ID to create a professional looking, durable and long lasting card. The card is laminated on both sides for extra durability.

On the back of the ID we have a statement about the therapeutic work that these dogs perform.


Therapy Dog Engraved Tag

Therapy Dog tag is an elongated diamond shaped tag made from yellow acrylic with black engraved lettering. "I AM A WORKING THERAPY DOG" is on the front, and "MY JOB IS TO COMFORT & SERVE" is on the back. Includes a split key ring.


30 ADA / Federal Law Information Cards


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